Smart Landscape Lighting in the Palm Beach area

Landscape lighting doesn’t have to be plain. Have Sitellight Outdoor Lighting and Audio install customized smart landscape lighting that changes color, temperature, and dimness.

Flexibility & Control

Control every facet of your landscape lighting and completely customize it.


Lighting for Any Occasion

Set lighting preferences to certain themed occasions such as holidays.

Easy to Use

Controlling your landscape lighting is as easy as downloading an app on your phone.

Smart Landscape Lighting Installation in West Palm Beach, FL

About our Smart Lighting Services

Landscape lighting doesn’t have to be fixed or difficult to control. The professionals at Sitellight Outdoor Lighting and Audio install wifi-enabled lights that make your lighting incredibly easy to control.

Full Brightness & Temperature Control

Completely control the ambiance of your landscape lighting by easily adjusting the brightness and temperature of your lighting. Adjust the softness and intensity with temperature control as well as the brightness to adjust to the time of day.

Color Options for Every Occasion

Create unique scenes with custom lighting controls. Use different lighting for different evenings or set lighting schedules to certain times of the year and have permanent holiday lighting color schemes!

Haven Smartphone App

With the Haven smartphone app, you’re able to control all of your landscape lighting, no matter the feature the lighting is attached to.

Our Specialty & Custom Landscape Lighting


Our custom and specialty landscape lighting is what sets our clients apart from the rest. We transform their landscapes with lighting features that can do so much more than shine one color at one brightness.

Smart Colored Lighting in West Palm Beach, FL

Colored Landscape Lighting

Pick your favorite color and apply it to your landscape. Additionally, create custom landscape lighting color themes for holiday events. Turn your permanently-installed landscape lighting features into holiday lights!

Automated Lighting in West Palm Beach, FL

Automatic Theme Lighting

Set your new smart lights on a schedule to automatically update colors, temperatures, brightness, and which lights activate. Never worry about setting up Christmas lights again when your permanent landscape lights can do the trick themselves.

Automated Time Controlled Lighting at West Palm Beach, FL

Automatic Time Controlled Landscape Lighting

Similar to automatic theme lighting, your landscape lighting can be set to come on at certain times of the day or at specific events of the day, such as sunset.

Other Landscape Lighting Services We Offer

Enahnce your landscape with our complete array of landscape lighting and audio features!

Architectural Lighting Around West Palm Beach, FL

Landscape Architectural Lighting

Combine lighting with your landscape and architecture and improve the beauty and elegance of your home or business as well as your home’s property value.

Landscape Feature Lighting Company in Wellington, FL

Landscape Feature Lighting

Have a landscape or hardscape feature you want illuminated? We do everything from recessed concrete lighting to patio, deck, and gazebo lighting.

Professional Outdoor Audio Installation Company in West Palm Beach, Florida

Outdoor Audio

Whether for your landscape or hardscape, we can also install top-of-the-line audio services in order to help you create an outdoor space for all of your needs.

Holiday Lighting Installation in Palm Beach, FL

Holiday Lighting

Add some holiday magic to your home without the headache of installing the lights yourself. Our CLIPA certified installers will create a beautiful holiday display in front of your home.

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