Professional Landscape Architectural Lighting in the Palm Beach area

Showcase your home and landscape with architecural landscape lighting. This lighting technique enhances the best qualities of your property.


Complete System Installation

We install complete systems from the lighting fixtures to burying the wires.


Landscape Lighting Repair

Whether you’re using our lighting system or have an existing one, we repair all landscape lighting.


Retrofitting Existing Systems

We’ll retrofit your existing landscape lighting system if you’re looking for more customization.

 Professional Landscape Lighting Service in Palm Beach, FL

About Our Landscape Architecural Lighting Services

Sitellight focuses on making Palm Beach homes and commercial properties shine with custom and professional landscape architectural lighting.

Your home was built to convey a particular aesthetic. Adding exterior lighting helps showcase your home’s unique features, adds a distinguising dynamic, and boosts its curb appeal.

Functional & Artistic Residential and Commercial Landscape Lighting Design

Not only is our landscape lighting beautiful and artistic, it’s also functional. With our Smart Landscape Lighting, you’ll be able to control your lights based on the time of day, year, and by motion, all at the touch of your finger from your smart phone.

Comprehensive Landscape Lighting Maintenance Plans

As much as we like to think once our landscape lighting has been installed, we’ll never have to touch it again, unfortunately that isn’t the case. Accidents, extreme weather, and normal wear and tear are inevitable. Sitellight Outdoor Lighting and Audio has the experience and knowledge to tackle any outdoor lighting issue with our comprehensive maintenance plans.

Our Landscape Architectural Lighting Services


Whether you’re looking for a commercial landscape lighting solution to showcase your brand or an extravagant lighting option for your home, Sitellight Outdoor Lighting and Audio can help.

Residential Landscape Lighting Design in Jupiter, FL

Residential Landscape Lighting Design

Residential lighting is where we got our start. We install everything from simple driveway and walkway lighting to more extravagant colored lighting that promotes the best features of your home.

Commercial Landscape Lighting Design in Boca Raton, FL

Commercial Landscape Lighting Design

Sitellight Outdoor Lighting and Audio will illuminate your brand so it outshines the rest. We also provide professional, commercial landscape lighting for parking lots and walkways that not only look great, but also provide great security.

Residential & Commercial Landscape Lighting Maintenance in Wellington, FL

Residential & Commercial Landscape Lighting Maintenance

Landscape lighting can run into issues with accidents and weather. With our comprehensive landscape lighting maintenance program, we ensure your lighting always looks professional and performs optimally.

Landscape Lighting Scene Creation Company in Palm Beach, FL

Landscape Lighting Scene Creation

We not only install your lights, but we’ll set them up too. That includes creating the scenes you like and creating lighting schedules so you don’t have to. We’ll help you program your lights to change during certain times of the year, such as changing colors for Christmas, Halloween, Independence Day, and much more.

Other Landscape Lighting Services We Offer

We offer more than just basic landscape lighting. Take a look at the other outdoor lighting and audio services we offer below.

Landscape Feature Lighting Company in Wellington, FL

Landscape Feature Lighting

Have a landscape or hardscape feature you want illuminated? We do everything from recessed concrete lighting to patio, deck, and gazebo lighting.

Smart Landscape Lighting company in Golf, FL

Smart Landscape Lighting

Control your landscape lighting from your phone with our smart landscape lighting. Set schedules, change colors, and control the temperature of the lights.

Professional Outdoor Audio Installation Company in West Palm Beach, Florida

Outdoor Audio

Whether for your landscape or hardscape, we can also install top-of-the-line audio services in order to help you create an outdoor space for all of your needs.

Holiday Lighting Installation in Palm Beach, FL

Holiday Lighting

Add some holiday magic to your home without the headache of installing the lights yourself. Our CLIPA certified installers will create a beautiful holiday display in front of your home.

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