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We don’t just specialize in landscape lighting. We specialize in enjoying your outdoor area, and that includes integrating speakers into your landscape and hardscape features.


TRU Audio Authorized installer

Authorized TruAudio Outdoor Speaker Installation Company in West Palm Beach

Sonos Authorized Installer

Authorized Sonos Outdoor Speaker Dealer West Palm Beach

VSSL Authorized Installer

VSSL Authorized Outdoor Speaker Installation Company in West Palm Beach, Florida
About Our Professional Outdoor Audio Installation Services
Professional Outdoor Speaker Installation by Pool in West Palm Beach, Florida

Outdoor audio with Sitellight allows you to set comfortable moods with music that’s well distributed throughout the landscape. Anyone will be able to experience quality sound no matter where they’re situated on your property.

Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Space Day and Night

With integrated outdoor audio installed, your night time entertainment just got better. With directional sound that’s strategically placed, your outdoor living areas will not only be enjoyed during the day, they’ll be revered at night.

Ensure Hours of Entertainment for Guests

Your parties and outdoor gatherings will be entertained longer with professionally installed outdoor audio systems by Sitellight.

Systems Blend Seamlessly Into Surroundings

Our outdoor audio systems seamlessly integrate into your existing landscape and hardscape features. We not only install the equipment, but we do so in a way that makes the equipment look as if it was meant to go there.

Discreet Outdoor Speaker Installation in West Palm Beach, Florida
Sonos Dealer and Installation Company in West Palm Beach, Florida
Professional VSSL Outdoor Speaker Installation Company in West Palm Beach, Florida

Other Landscape Lighting Services We Offer

Enahnce your landscape with our complete array of landscape lighting and audio features!

Architectural Lighting Around West Palm Beach, FL

Landscape Architectural Lighting

Combine lighting with your landscape and architecture and improve the beauty and elegance of your home or business as well as your home’s property value.

Professional Walkway & Driveway Lighting Company in West Lake, FL

Landscape Feature Lighting

Have a landscape or hardscape feature you want illuminated? We do everything from recessed concrete lighting to patio, deck, and gazebo lighting.

Smart Landscape Lighting company in Golf, FL

Smart Landscape Lighting

Control your landscape lighting from your phone with our smart landscape lighting. set schedules, change colors, and control the temperature of the lights.

Holiday Lighting Installation in Palm Beach, FL

Holiday Lighting

Add some holiday magic to your home without the headache of installing the lights yourself. Our CLIPA certified installers will create a beautiful holiday display in front of your home.

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